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Pull up a chair, because the tea is spilling. We caught up with the sisters from yesterday's episode of Bestie Picks Bae to find out what REALLY went down after the cameras stopped rolling. It turns out the winning bae wasn't exactly a match made in heaven for Ani, and her sisters are PISSED. Click here to see the original episode: cnstores.info/shi-pin/mdOjhoGWbLF0kdA.html
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And Mitch here: mitchcunha
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  • Seventeen


    2 个月 前

    Who do you think was right? Josh or Ani?

    • Aylin B

      Aylin B

      2 天 前

      Levesque Triplets he did mention Marvel on the first interview

    • hajs hxjdh

      hajs hxjdh

      2 天 前

      @Osu Community You need to feel an atraction to the person too

    • hajs hxjdh

      hajs hxjdh

      2 天 前

      @Fatima Cazares true

    • hajs hxjdh

      hajs hxjdh

      2 天 前

      @Hailey Bielat he was just asked to say how he knows the story It's not his problem that the other guy didn't say the story right to him He should be there explaining him not mitch he's just a great guy...explaining whag he told him

    • Britt'x Tasha

      Britt'x Tasha

      8 天 前

      Josh. He was right to ask before anything carried on, Yeh he got on with ani but if he feels like he will get on better with her sister then ani should of denied going on the day, accepted his honesty,let them go on a date instead, she must of got really defended to behave like that 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe they could of had something special..

  • Quincey Leigh

    Quincey Leigh

    11 小时 前

    I think it was fair of Josh to have interest in the other sister, but he definitely handled it the wrong way. He should have completely dropped the idea of dating the sister while dating her, and if after their first date/first few hangouts he wasn't feeling a connection, then he should have led with that. The way he presented the question, it was as if he was considering which one he was going to date after already setting the intention of dating the OG sis.

  • GP PV

    GP PV

    14 小时 前

    I think that the white guy is into men and he felt in love with the white egyptian. The main plan would be. Make a big party, give them all a lot of alcohol and let’s have fun all 4 of them🤔🤔🤔

  • hailey thomas

    hailey thomas

    22 小时 前

    I think the sisters over reacted a lot and she just really didn't wanna relationship in the first place. I felt like they blew it out of proportion. The triplets were also very annoying. They got rid of the guy bc she hated anime, but kept a guy who loved marvel, and worked for marvel, when the sister hated marvel. Non of those people there i felt would have worked, cause it was forced. The sisters were sophisticated and bitchy, and the people they chosen were fun and care free, or had their own style not matching at all. Also most of the stuff those people said where similar bc they are not gonna say the truth, they are gonna say what they think will get them to win. Thats my opinion. I have a twin sister and if i was dating someone and we honestly had no connection anymore, but he found a connection in my sister than i would let him date her, cause maybe he wasnt right for me, but my sister matched him better.

  • Indigo


    天 前

    Tea sis

  • 21 jajanet

    21 jajanet

    天 前

    Wait so that was all for Marvel????

  • Kimmy Marquez

    Kimmy Marquez

    天 前

    They are triplets but Ani looks different. Athena and Arianna look more alike to each other. Look closer!
    Who else thinks that Ani, looks like the redhead version of Sandra Bullock?

  • Laura Chapman

    Laura Chapman

    2 天 前

    I’m with the dude. It’s not about being “triplets” (girls, you seem to have some sort of complex about that...). My uncle briefly dated two of my aunt’s sisters before he married my aunt and everyone got their own happily ever after.

  • ST N

    ST N

    3 天 前

    So Josh did the same thing that they did to him... Wow such a jerk 🙄

  • Lee the boss

    Lee the boss

    4 天 前

    He did nutn rong if he like the sis that's who he like she had the neg vibe I c y he had change of heart cooda tried 1 time c wat it's like wit him

  • Weeb Alert

    Weeb Alert

    4 天 前

    Josh done messed up

  • ItzReya


    4 天 前

    Is it just me or does the twin on the right lòk a bit like Karlee Kloss.

  • Yoko Oh-No

    Yoko Oh-No

    5 天 前

    I hate how pale the skin is👻

  • weirdly.ashłey 1

    weirdly.ashłey 1

    5 天 前

    Lmao Ani is kinda childish. Bc there sisters not the same person and it’s kinda stupid for Ani to take over her sister. And he even asked nicely if things don’t work out can he maybe get closer to her sister he was just being honest. Cause Ani is kinda to childish.

  • Emilie V

    Emilie V

    7 天 前

    Whats worse was my friend was dating this guy. They were a super cute couple until this day. HE CHEATED ON HER WITH HER BEST FRIENDS LITTLE SISTER!!!! HE WAS 16 AND SHE WAS 14!!! HER BOYFRIEND CHEATED ON HER WITH A 14 YEAR OLD!! Also my friend and this guy never kissed. IN THE TWO DAYS THE GUY AND THE LITTLE SISTER WERE DATING, THEY KISSED SEVERAL TIMES!!! INFRONT OF THE BEST FRIEND!!!

  • jenny -

    jenny -

    8 天 前

    from where is ANIS JACKET ?

  • Jūratė


    8 天 前

    I think he's right. Everyone has right to choose.

  • Lauren Morley

    Lauren Morley

    10 天 前


  • Lauren Morley

    Lauren Morley

    10 天 前

    Josh ani is annoying and stupid

  • coltyn


    10 天 前

    i think it’s not good that the guy didn’t have a full know of what was going on because now he’s going to be attacked by people for siding with josh but he was not informed correctly about what the situation was. i am still pretty sad they didn’t chose tami.

  • N Corp

    N Corp

    13 天 前

    They should have picked the girl. See, this is what happens when you date dudes, SMH.

  • Mads S

    Mads S

    15 天 前

    I understand both points of view. ani was led to believe this guy was hers and he was going to get to know her and he threw a curve ball and kinda let her know he’s interested in her sister. i just genuinely think this was blown out of proportion. a little bruise to the ego and a little kick in the sack on how to talk to women is all it was and it didn’t need a video or a debate. i can see why josh didn’t want to do this video it’s super childish and these girls are 26??? i would be ashamed to go on a viral YouTube channel to trash talk a guy i knew for a day.

  • cookiekoala


    17 天 前

    "hey, if I don't hit it off with you, is it okay if I pursue your sister?" as if they're all interchangable. Wtf. I can't believe so many people think that's okay. He obviously knows he's in the wrong or would've just told his side.
    Having Mitch there was pointless, as he's not involved at all and he's only repeating what he was told.

    • Kai


      16 天 前

      cookiekoala he was telling Joshs side of the story since josh didn’t come

  • Juliana Hochileitner

    Juliana Hochileitner

    22 天 前

    Oosh, I've dated a guy that was a triplet, and people always asked "oh but do you have a pass for his brothers?" no, that's creepy as fuck

  • Orion MA

    Orion MA

    23 天 前

    So they're not identical. The one in the middle is shorter (or her chair is) and has a different nose shape which you can see at 9:14. I thought identical twins were indistinguishable, or maybe I just am imagining differences. Help please?

  • Mochi_19 xD

    Mochi_19 xD

    24 天 前

    this is so ridiculous... they're grown ups lol making a big deal out of nothing lol

  • Lana Posluszny

    Lana Posluszny

    24 天 前

    Ok listen I’m a twin and the triplets are NOT blowing this out of proportion at all because that’s like the guy your talking to asking if they can date your best friend after basically planning a date 😂😂🤡

  • Daisy Hendriks

    Daisy Hendriks

    29 天 前

    people are dying ani, chill

  • Vivica Rom

    Vivica Rom

    个月 前

    When I saw the first one, I shipped the triplet that liked marvel and josh. Lol.

  • Brittany Gayle

    Brittany Gayle

    个月 前

    I waa rooting for Sharief

  • Egg Cellent

    Egg Cellent

    个月 前

    Am I the only one who’s noticed Ani is slightly different looking from the other two? Athena and Ariana are Sooo identical

  • Gacha Munchkin

    Gacha Munchkin

    个月 前

    I kind of expected this I had a weird feeling about Josh

  • Zoe Genette

    Zoe Genette

    个月 前

    Josh is trash

  • Zoe Genette

    Zoe Genette

    个月 前

    This is why temidayo should have won

  • Quake


    个月 前

    the sisters just spilled the tea sis!!!

  • Bree Here!

    Bree Here!

    个月 前

    You all should have picked Temidayo. I was rooting for her so hard.

  • L. Gyger

    L. Gyger

    个月 前

    I would have said: "Sorry, I'm not interested in you. I'm actually interested in your sister Arianna." They would have reacted the same way. Mitchell was such a savage at the end, haha. "I wasn't interested in any of them." Lesson I learned from this: don't date an identical twin or triplet if you don't like trouble.
    By the way, if you're reading this: Now you have to find someone who hasn't watched this video. Good luck, because nowadays it's not too hard to do a little bit of research once you know a person's full name.

  • Arina Maisara

    Arina Maisara

    个月 前

    The girls are just overreacting.

  • Camryn


    个月 前

    what’s with the runescape music in the background lmao

  • Katrina


    个月 前

    I mean, I'm not a triplet, I'm a twin, and can confirm that too many dudes are out here trying to hook up just because they have a childish fantasy. And just because they are triplets doesn't mean they're all the fuckin same, two like marvel, one didn't, they all look the same, but isn't there anything else important? you either love marvel a little too much or you're in it for the looks.