Kali is my FAVORITE OP in Siege - Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay

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Yup, the new op Kali is 100% my main now, she is my favorite operator in the whole game after cav. Kali/cav main I am now. Thanks Ubisoft for this amazing new content, its like a christmas gift and enjoy the rainbow six siege gameplay video
Intro Song : Unknown Brain - Perseus
Outro Song : JJD - Adventure
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  • Michael M

    Michael M

    天 前

    His screen went really bloody for 1 fall damage and not a lot for a gunshot😂😂😂

  • elrifle 7733

    elrifle 7733

    天 前


  • 2Swavy


    天 前

    it’s funny how you think you’re good .

  • JEG4GU 11

    JEG4GU 11

    天 前

    Eeeen tal ocacionn

  • Richard Vang

    Richard Vang

    2 天 前

    "The black guy is just too fast"


  • Tolga Karatas

    Tolga Karatas

    2 天 前

    I think Enemies have lost their arms in opening clip.

  • Chuang Eason

    Chuang Eason

    3 天 前

    Her gun was too toxic

  • Moey Youssef

    Moey Youssef

    3 天 前

    Me as cav: Nah that’s too far I’ll wait till they come inside and get em 1 by 1
    TGN as cav: *runs out, kills 2 at glaz range and win the round*

  • P345o


    3 天 前

    Anyone else see nice ban cheaters when he played cav on clubhouse

  • Michael QPD

    Michael QPD

    3 天 前

    That thing is more than broken im gonna expect a few nerfs

  • AquaticEnigma


    4 天 前

    Do you play on ps4 because I played against someone with the name R6_GodlyNoob. Just wondering

  • Amanda Supreme Gamer

    Amanda Supreme Gamer

    4 天 前


  • ILLUSION Gaming

    ILLUSION Gaming

    4 天 前

    Does he hates bikini?...



    4 天 前

    Kali is the hindu goddess

  • Mr. Xbox One

    Mr. Xbox One

    5 天 前

    Mission impossible: Entry Sniper

  • 10.000 subscribers whitout a video gg

    10.000 subscribers whitout a video gg

    5 天 前

    How much ammo kali has?

  • Izuka-chan


    6 天 前

    Let's get this video to 2 million likes!

  • Tharik Lemos

    Tharik Lemos

    6 天 前

    Wakanda power hahahahhaha

  • Magic


    6 天 前

    TheGodlyNoob you was toxic to me on your stream :(

  • WerNoMen TTV

    WerNoMen TTV

    7 天 前

    kali muscle baby

  • Henrique Athayde 007

    Henrique Athayde 007

    8 天 前

    The final😜

  • William Edmondson

    William Edmondson

    9 天 前

    Is kali available for all players now? (Not only test players?)

  • Tobi


    12 天 前

    "Jump out"

  • jayripp84


    16 天 前

    3:00 Not even close to 2 million likes 😁

  • Ayax Zarate

    Ayax Zarate

    20 天 前

    Ez 👏



    21 天 前


  • FireFox


    21 天 前

    Wait what ? Bikini is playing with you ?😂

  • Isan Tv

    Isan Tv

    22 天 前

    Why he can play the new operator??

  • Wags


    23 天 前

    You vs the biggest bots I’ve ever seen.. first clip requires absolutely no skill from you just pure trash enemies

  • William Pickarski

    William Pickarski

    24 天 前

    Pc players who get good with the sniper are gonna be unstoppable

  • Clash Spiralz

    Clash Spiralz

    25 天 前

    Why does pc always get the characters before console

  • WHEZEE †

    WHEZEE †

    25 天 前

    I don't see this caracther on ps4 why?

  • Alexander Frazier

    Alexander Frazier

    25 天 前

    Wow never thought quick scoping would come to siege

  • Jokie


    25 天 前

    Reminds me of the black ops days

  • 狗幹


    25 天 前

    Last time is airsoft😂😂😂😂

  • Register Gang

    Register Gang

    25 天 前

    nook s better

  • The Sneaky Belial

    The Sneaky Belial

    26 天 前

    They nerf Glaz but yet introduce a new operator that can quick scope with a 1 shot down rifle. Good job Ubisoft, yet again you make the new ops too OP.

  • kelvin singh

    kelvin singh

    26 天 前

    6:03 "peek me baby one more time" damn that intro came in just in time when he peeked.

  • Oldman Garyy

    Oldman Garyy

    26 天 前

    1:39 esp hacker

  • Adrian Torres Moore

    Adrian Torres Moore

    26 天 前

    Special Force