I Let My Best Friend Pick My Boyfriend: Carrie | Bestie Picks Bae

添加 2019年05月 9日
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Carrie and Gianna go way back. That's why Carrie is trusting Gianna with picking her bae. Gianna's interviewing nine guys speed-date style to see which one is the best match for her bestie. Carrie's looking for a guy who's not afraid to support her career, and Gianna's looking for a guy who will treat her best friend like a queen. Did Gianna find the perfect match for her bestie? Watch and see!
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  • Seventeen


    7 个月 前

    Were you surprised by Gianna's choice??

    • Lainey Cecil

      Lainey Cecil

      28 天 前

      He’s not that cute though

    • Lil_Kitty


      个月 前


    • Macaron


      个月 前

      Absolutely not sincerely

    • LavenderTBH


      个月 前

      Because shes jealous and eliminated the dude who was a model WHEN carrie said she wanted somebody to understand her MODELING career, Gianna single as a pringle

    • ili. Diamondsquad

      ili. Diamondsquad

      2 个月 前

      Yes and im so desse pointed bc her best friend eliminate JT he was the perfect guy.😕

  • addison elizabeth

    addison elizabeth

    天 前

    her when Lucas left:
    carrie : *”gianna”*
    (gianna knowing exactly what she was doing)
    gianna : “i know”
    GIRL WHAT , yk you kept him for yourself .

  • addison elizabeth

    addison elizabeth

    天 前

    benji is literally the cutest omg-



    天 前

    I’m upset to find out she’s younger than me & looks older , also her mom is letting her have wayyy too much freedom🥺😭luckyy her

  • History Geek

    History Geek

    3 天 前

    Ideal first date
    "I don't got the energy so bubble tea and something to eat" he was genuine and cute

  • Many Layers

    Many Layers

    5 天 前

    Pit bulls are caring and sweet

  • Azzareya Crosby

    Azzareya Crosby

    5 天 前

    Right when gianna put lucas out she fucked up

  • Mark Cunanan

    Mark Cunanan

    9 天 前

    There is no man like "PERFECT" duuuuh

  • Grace Shaha

    Grace Shaha

    9 天 前

    Omg I loved Aiden!

  • Makenzi Strong

    Makenzi Strong

    10 天 前

    Not to be rude but Gianna really had to rid of the black dudes (that seemed races)

  • Makenzi Strong

    Makenzi Strong

    10 天 前

    Wasn’t she on the one with Chris?

  • IOnlyWatchAnimeHere :D

    IOnlyWatchAnimeHere :D

    10 天 前


    Poor dude..

    His shirt even says it all 👍


  • Tayne Brewer

    Tayne Brewer

    13 天 前

    Gianna lowkey finneeeee tho

  • Leamya Serenity

    Leamya Serenity

    14 天 前

    She eliminated all the cute guys sad and there were only two

  • Jacquelyn Racquel Burlingham

    Jacquelyn Racquel Burlingham

    15 天 前

    I'm sorry but these girls just aren't great.....

  • Karley Kapp

    Karley Kapp

    15 天 前

    She says she takes awhile getting ready but....it doesn’t look like she has anything on💀

  • Weakly Chickens

    Weakly Chickens

    17 天 前

    After Lucas left Carrie or what ever her name is like moved her mouth and said Gianna and she was like I know

  • Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin

    17 天 前

    Lucas is hot asf

  • Macie Keever

    Macie Keever

    18 天 前

    Lucas was literally perfect

  • Kiran Benipal

    Kiran Benipal

    19 天 前

    those black guys can Hml

  • Bella’s Pets

    Bella’s Pets

    20 天 前

    I’m sorry but he’s a... off

  • Jennifer Calvo

    Jennifer Calvo

    21 天 前

    Dude those white boys 🤢

  • Jennifer Barton

    Jennifer Barton

    22 天 前

    Your best friends but don’t know where you met

  • Nova Hewlett

    Nova Hewlett

    24 天 前

    11:00 that brat! He’s the one who decided to do that!

  • Life Of Emily K

    Life Of Emily K

    26 天 前

    They are soooooo cute together

  • w s

    w s

    29 天 前

    tracy is hot af what’s his @

  • tessa rachelle allen

    tessa rachelle allen

    个月 前

    took away the black guys ofc lmao

  • roxanne medina

    roxanne medina

    个月 前

    I really wanted it to be lucas

  • Thel Nu Htwe

    Thel Nu Htwe

    个月 前

    that girl is so basic jesus

  • Gabriella Azqueta

    Gabriella Azqueta

    个月 前

    she looks older than sixteen

  • MystiK Vic

    MystiK Vic

    个月 前

    She looking for a sugar daddy not a boyfriend. I mean damn...disneyland? Who the hell has the kinda money to just take someone on a date to disneyland?!😂

  • YellowKabob


    个月 前

    Doesn't want a high pressure first date, yet literally chooses Disney Land were you have to invest well over a hundred just for the ticket, and then are expected to Interact with someone you just met for several hours. Lmaooooo

  • Truvorii _

    Truvorii _

    个月 前

    Why did they only get the black people out first?!

  • Kate 1221

    Kate 1221

    个月 前

    i liked aidan and i love how he said he was passionate about animals i would have picked him, he seemed sweet

  • Kate 1221

    Kate 1221

    个月 前

    when she said she would be a havanese i jumped lol i have 2 and iv only met one other person who owns havanese lol

  • Laverne Arabehety

    Laverne Arabehety

    个月 前

    I need benji’s and Lucas’ instagrams

  • Sky_Kawii


    个月 前

    8:38 lol 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Dani M.

    Dani M.

    个月 前

    Lucas was maddd cute.. sis let him go-

  • Dani M.

    Dani M.

    个月 前

    like I want “ mY bEsTiE tO pIcK mY bEa” 💀💀

  • Dani M.

    Dani M.

    个月 前

    ngl.. I actually wanna do this lmaoo