Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

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  • Rayne Trujillo

    Rayne Trujillo

    6 小时 前

    damn i mispelt coat...

  • Rayne Trujillo

    Rayne Trujillo

    6 小时 前

    they make clear caot spray too... probably would stop the chipping maybe

  • Evelyn Ratcliff

    Evelyn Ratcliff

    7 小时 前

    Why with the AC/DC shirt? It honestly annoys me when people who don’t listen to the music wear the clothing. wear for passion, not for fashion!

    • Evelyn Ratcliff

      Evelyn Ratcliff

      6 小时 前

      PsychoPup I agree that I don’t know her personal life, I was just assuming that she doesn’t listen to it based on how she acts, talks, dresses, etc. Band tee shirts such as Metallica, AC/DC, Kiss, have been becoming more popular in stores for some reason, and some people just buy it cause it’s cute.

    • PsychoPup


      6 小时 前

      We don’t know jennas whole life. How do you know what she does and doesn’t listen to? How about you let people wear want they want and mind ur business

  • TaylorAmelia


    9 小时 前

    Newsflash.... Crocs are just ugly. It's not the paint

  • Brooke


    9 小时 前

    if jenna doesn’t get a brand deal with crocs for glow in the dark crocs, i don’t want it.

  • Jordyn Sullivan

    Jordyn Sullivan

    9 小时 前


  • Luci The Sick

    Luci The Sick

    11 小时 前

    Did you spray them with a primer? The paint works much better if you do a primer first then dip using like Luke warm water.

  • Christina Cuti

    Christina Cuti

    11 小时 前

    You should try to sand the crocs so that the paint can sticks

  • Madie Tichnell

    Madie Tichnell

    12 小时 前

    You have to use spray paint that is ok to use on plastic

  • Christina Kitty

    Christina Kitty

    13 小时 前

    It's probably like painting a car or nails..., sand down the crocs with sandpaper and maybe it would adhere better

  • Mille Fleur

    Mille Fleur

    13 小时 前

    It low key bothers me so much jenna didn’t wait 24HRS to try them, maybe she could cover them with a clear cover as well to protect them

  • Andee Smith

    Andee Smith

    13 小时 前

    no one:
    jenna: “ *give me 20 mins i gotta charge my glow crocs* “

  • sabrina nucci

    sabrina nucci

    13 小时 前

    layer it in mod podge u need something to hold the paint on that's why it keeps flaking off

  • Shmephanie5


    13 小时 前

    Jeeeeeennnaaaaaa. You need latex paint! 😩

  • Ariana Grippo

    Ariana Grippo

    15 小时 前

    Jenna, I think you should try to get a sealant, that would made the crocs watertight and airtight ! :)

  • Mai See Xiong

    Mai See Xiong

    17 小时 前

    Jenna’s Asian squat is on point lol

  • dramaistragic


    18 小时 前

    7:56 oh she was one of THOSE kids

  • Tricia Rocillo

    Tricia Rocillo

    20 小时 前

    Hahahah 😂😂😂

  • Tricia Rocillo

    Tricia Rocillo

    20 小时 前

    Hahahah 😂😂😂

  • Roberta Hasch

    Roberta Hasch

    20 小时 前

    Everyone just ignoring that Julien locks Jenna out of the house and she keeps talking like nothing happened XD

  • Dude


    21 小时 前

    Imagine your what 30? And this is what your doing with your life. People so fucking ignorantly stupid they support this shit. It’s not her fault she’s stupid and incompetent, it’s the fact that all the 10-16 yr olds are supporting this fucking joke of a “human being”. Get a fucking job you bimbo

  • M M

    M M

    22 小时 前

    Ask an Australian how you pronounce the band on Jenna's shirt 🙄😂

  • Morgan Burns

    Morgan Burns

    22 小时 前

    All paint requires you use a sealant ! That’s why it’s peeling anyway

  • Ella Cruz

    Ella Cruz

    22 小时 前


  • Nahomy N

    Nahomy N

    23 小时 前

    Please do a liberty hawk

  • savannah erickson

    savannah erickson

    天 前

    you should put a protective sealant on them!

  • kittymizfitty


    天 前

    get a primer so the paint sticks better

  • -Via -

    -Via -

    天 前

    The glow in the dark ones are giving me PTSD of turning on my xbox

  • Katie Hiatt

    Katie Hiatt

    天 前

    Hey there Jenna. I tried to figure out how to dye my hair glow in the dark this summer but I failed. I can’t redeem myself but maybe you can.

  • Pastel Kidd

    Pastel Kidd

    天 前

    No one:

  • Reina Patel

    Reina Patel

    天 前

    See if you can seal them with clear sealant so they last longer!!

  • Kattz


    天 前

    Please for the love of god DIY a lovesac

  • Truegritmike


    天 前

    Use clear coat next time, it seals in the paint so it wont flake

  • Saamiya Mohammed

    Saamiya Mohammed

    天 前

    sandpaper the crocs a little to remove the smooth surface so the paint has something to cling onto... does that make sense lol

  • Roselie Hernandez

    Roselie Hernandez

    天 前

    Since when is Julian the sensible one!? Lmao!

  • Emily Haro

    Emily Haro

    天 前

    I want the neat dude beanie but idk where to buy it ☹️🤧
    Also put some modge podge on them so it stays on them

  • Alexsass


    天 前

    Jenna, try a black light 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • amber davis

    amber davis

    天 前

    Apply a clear spray sealant to stop the flaking ❤

  • gitzypotat


    天 前

    Where did Jenna's intro go?

  • Art With A Guy

    Art With A Guy

    天 前

    if you make a part three, id use a paint sealant or mod podge to lock in the paint, i do some lil paint crafts myself and it saves me from chipping, cracking etc-

  • Maeryn Lee WH

    Maeryn Lee WH

    天 前

    *this is a reDEMtion vIdEO Gotta reDEEM mYSelF from tHe TerriBLE CRAFT i dID laST tIME*

  • Ankhesepaaten


    天 前

    “Who u fightin”

  • Zalea


    天 前

    I think maybe the texture of the crocs is too smooth for the paint to really adhere to it, causing it to peal off so easily...

  • Snyx Abraxys

    Snyx Abraxys

    天 前

    The only thing you're doing wrong is you keep breaking the water surface and getting water on top of the paint. This means there is a water buffer between the paint and the shoe. Also before you pull it out of the water turn it up right and the water will help seal the edges 😊

    • Snyx Abraxys

      Snyx Abraxys

      天 前

      And clear coat to set

  • Daveeed !

    Daveeed !

    天 前

    Your covered

  • icky micki

    icky micki

    天 前

    jennaaaa you gotta seal that paint girl

  • Taryn Hermanson

    Taryn Hermanson

    天 前

    Please turn your whole body glow in the dark make it ~*WORK*~ for you beetch

  • Austin


    天 前

    Jenna you need a top coat to finish the paint, it will hold it on so it doesn’t chip off!!!! It’s like spray paint too it’s made for keeping the paint on :)

  • Till Lindemann

    Till Lindemann

    天 前

    Русские тут?

  • Brittany O'Reilly

    Brittany O'Reilly

    天 前

    Love that their starsigns swapped @ 7:15

  • Co ol

    Co ol

    天 前

    My mom found that glow in the dark spray paint and literally sprayed all the light switches in our house with it😂

  • theBeastcub


    天 前

    Next time scrub them with warm soapy water first, there is a release agent spayed into the molds the shoes are cast from, any residue left of it on the shoes very much will repel the likes of paint or glue (*also does crafts with croc-type shoes)

  • jack ryan

    jack ryan

    天 前

    you should look back on what's your underwear means from the 30yrd old pov lol

  • BanjoVEVOTV_YT_Gaming Official

    BanjoVEVOTV_YT_Gaming Official

    天 前

    I know this is late but Jenna made XBOX crocks.

  • Sophia Piersall

    Sophia Piersall

    2 天 前

    in the spirit of this redemption video theme.... i would nut you see you actually make that fucking jeans chair work

  • abi summers

    abi summers

    2 天 前

    ^^^great video that gives some good tips for hydrodipping if you ever want to try again, fren! also, some spray sealant or sealer never hurts to add on top to prevent flakiness :)

    cool shoes though, they look rad. plus i love the glow in the dark! it makes me so happy to see how excited you are to see them glow :D thanks for all the fun videos!!

  • Onearmedmechanic


    2 天 前

    I've been away for a long time but I'm back. Missed you

  • whosrobert


    2 天 前

    Omg Jenna I haven’t watched one of your vids in yeaaars just cus idk why, no real reason and I decided to look you up today and it made me happy knowing that you’re still the same you! You haven’t changed one bit, even your pic is the same 🤣 that’s awesome!

  • Ashley Jonalynn

    Ashley Jonalynn

    2 天 前

    If you seal them they won’t peel

  • Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith

    2 天 前

    you need mod podge to prevent it from flaking