Harry Styles - Fine Line Out December 13

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Harry Styles
Harry Styles
  • Jessie o

    Jessie o

    天 前

    You know you're fangirling over his hands don't deny it :)

  • Anna Roberts

    Anna Roberts

    4 天 前

    Lol I thought my phone is in silence mod ;) I tried to open it but- it was already at the full voice. That was dramatic. Love ya harry.

  • Anvi Bhatia

    Anvi Bhatia

    5 天 前

    The dramatic hand slide in the end. Lmao😂😂

  • Bella Torres

    Bella Torres

    5 天 前

    He should be hand model he is so cute🤣❤️❤️

  • Marcela Larissa

    Marcela Larissa

    7 天 前

    why I can't stop laughing ?????

  • Madison Piotter

    Madison Piotter

    7 天 前

    the way he slides his hands looks like me trying to slide my hands across the counter trying to grab a snack

  • Jasha Jordan

    Jasha Jordan

    8 天 前

    *me when I seen his hands ... “ awwww look his hands” I swear I fan girl over very little thing he does

  • Micaela Trucco

    Micaela Trucco

    8 天 前

    I’am so proud of you.! I love you with all my heart! #givelove. #Treatpeoplewithkidness

  • sara


    9 天 前

    why i am seeing this now??

  • Jaqueline Lopez

    Jaqueline Lopez

    9 天 前


  • avicadoeee _

    avicadoeee _

    10 天 前

    Harry just gave us a 38 second unboxing video, we should be thankful.

  • niamh kirk

    niamh kirk

    10 天 前

    Aw the little goofball is so proud of his baby. As he should be. He’s presenting it like a famous dish HAHA

  • Jayleen Davila

    Jayleen Davila

    11 天 前

    His hands are beautiful 💞

  • Sarah


    11 天 前

    And the next Best Hand Model goes to...

  • Orachun Intarit

    Orachun Intarit

    11 天 前

    Loveeee it.

  • L Bohren

    L Bohren

    11 天 前


  • Chrbiel Keisha villar

    Chrbiel Keisha villar

    12 天 前

    Cant purchase it now it has a freakin naked pic and I oop this was gonna be the first album that I ask my mom to buy for me but oop theres a naked harry I'm only freagin 12! My eyes ok I'm probably over acting but it's TRUE I'm only 12 harry 😑❤🧡

    • Chrbiel Keisha villar

      Chrbiel Keisha villar

      12 小时 前

      @Brennon Mack yasssssss it's not that big of a deal your correct. Ok gotta remember, dont let mom know that theres that pic. Ok its gonna be fine

    • Brennon Mack

      Brennon Mack

      11 天 前

      I’m 13 and my mom let me buy it 😂 of course she didn’t know it had that picture but it really isn’t a big deal he’s not showing anything.

  • harrystylesgayvodka


    12 天 前

    the naked photo shoot tho oh my

  • Bloxbrug Girl

    Bloxbrug Girl

    12 天 前

    I have NEVER seen this....

  • Louisa Clarke

    Louisa Clarke

    12 天 前

    The silence makes me so uncomfortable

  • Maria Martins Duarte

    Maria Martins Duarte

    13 天 前

    The only person I recognize by looking at the hands

  • Rafaela Costa

    Rafaela Costa

    13 天 前

    Harry hands it's like a woman hands, and a love it this

  • Shamsa


    13 天 前

    This is my summer evening

  • Fam Jam

    Fam Jam

    13 天 前

    Hi hands

  • Faith Landfair

    Faith Landfair

    13 天 前

    His hand motions are cute

  • Louie Alimagno

    Louie Alimagno

    13 天 前

    his hands are more beautiful than my whole face

  • madi


    14 天 前


  • Anya Pg

    Anya Pg

    14 天 前

    Harry the youtuber making an unboxing

  • Tamar Esther Perez Medina

    Tamar Esther Perez Medina

    14 天 前

    My Bd

  • The Dumb Human

    The Dumb Human

    14 天 前

    Wreck my daddy 🔥🥵

  • Poppy Bartram

    Poppy Bartram

    14 天 前

    Can we take a moment for the way he presented it and the way he slid his hands out of frame at the end

  • Poppy Bartram

    Poppy Bartram

    14 天 前

    I thought this was a family show harold

  • Angelica G

    Angelica G

    14 天 前

    why have i never seen this

  • chloe *

    chloe *

    15 天 前


  • † belle. †

    † belle. †

    15 天 前

    *what'd you got there harreh*

  • Reeny 8

    Reeny 8

    15 天 前

    Why are you sitting in a heart nakid and why are is there pink shirt of you

    • 1D’s Biggest fan

      1D’s Biggest fan

      15 天 前

      Reeny 8 bc he can and can rock it. Tpwk

  • Paola S.

    Paola S.

    15 天 前

    Hay sus manos tan preciosas 🤩

  • sunfløwerr


    16 天 前

    when he slides his hand around it sends me i’m sorry MCIEKDUKEFNEHSJANSBA

  • Shivangi S

    Shivangi S

    16 天 前

    like his old vines

  • GP E

    GP E

    16 天 前

    😘😘😘 harry💞💞💞

  • 1Dforever


    16 天 前

    Wait... December 13 is Taylor swift’s birthday...

  • Mikayla.rose.


    17 天 前

    Wouldn't be surprised if he was naked while filming this.

  • Sophie Bejjani

    Sophie Bejjani

    17 天 前

    Harry Styles: How many times do u wanna rewatch this video?
    Me: *yes*

    *proceeds to watch video an ungodly amount of times just to see the cute dramatic hand exit at the end*

  • Maghii Tapia

    Maghii Tapia

    18 天 前

    Las manitas de Harry están hermosas ✨💖 el disco es increíble

  • you_fooking_loosah


    18 天 前

    the nails 🥺

  • Lotte V

    Lotte V

    18 天 前

    I'm probably the only one here during quarantine

  • Sarahwareman


    19 天 前

    I don't know why but this is funny for some reason

  • Shibesh Mridha

    Shibesh Mridha

    19 天 前

    I love you Mr. Harry Styles
    I just hope I can meet you once in my life
    .................❤ from India
    If you read this I just want to wish you happiness, and please don't be angry for the "Mr."...... I just wanted to show how much I respect you 🙂
    And sorry for greeting you in YouTube I don't have a Twitter account....

  • Aiyesha Ganju

    Aiyesha Ganju

    19 天 前

    And proud of you

  • Aiyesha Ganju

    Aiyesha Ganju

    19 天 前

    Those nails harry

  • Lol G

    Lol G

    19 天 前

    so perfect omg

  • Lol G

    Lol G

    19 天 前

    his hands🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • 1D is my life

    1D is my life

    19 天 前


  • Isabella Catherine

    Isabella Catherine

    19 天 前

    This is the sexiest thing I've seen in a while

  • Girl Almighty

    Girl Almighty

    19 天 前

    youtube: *recommending this video 5 months after its release, when i’ve already ordered 3 cds, 2 vinyls, tickets, and merch*

  • Eliška Nováková

    Eliška Nováková

    20 天 前

    can you possibly fall in love with someone’s hands? cuz i think i might have that problem

  • Janneke van den Berg

    Janneke van den Berg

    20 天 前

    is this on a bed?

  • iceyy _

    iceyy _

    20 天 前

    how am i just seeing this?

  • Kyshia Mabanan

    Kyshia Mabanan

    20 天 前

    And why would youtube want to put this in my recommendations?
    Cause its cool

  • Millie


    20 天 前

    Anyone else super hyped coz they have a record player and they want this so bad but they’re very VERY concerned as to what their parents will think when you ope in to see harold naked in a heart? No? Just me then 😌

  • Dahim Fatima

    Dahim Fatima

    21 天 前

    These 37 seconds only ( with no sound and just Harry’s hands) were precious for us.....only directioners/fans will understand.

  • Violet Grace

    Violet Grace

    21 天 前

    i remember how SHOOK i was when this first came out

  • a very big fan

    a very big fan

    21 天 前

    since we don't have these in our country, Imma download it and watch it every fucking single day until I die

  • Simply Elle 101

    Simply Elle 101

    22 天 前

    The Harry way of unboxing something

  • Ashley Lynch

    Ashley Lynch

    22 天 前


  • ell styles

    ell styles

    23 天 前

    i wanna hold his hand

  • sophs


    24 天 前

    see u soon haz i love u

  • Angelina Lapomardo

    Angelina Lapomardo

    24 天 前

    sir i can not put that poster on my wall

  • Hollie Mae Fitness

    Hollie Mae Fitness

    24 天 前

    I feel so proud to own this

  • Eshanee Pahwa

    Eshanee Pahwa

    25 天 前

    The same date when 1d broke up😭😭

  • MariaRosaria Gagliardi

    MariaRosaria Gagliardi

    28 天 前

    I have an obsession for his hands which is unhealthy.

  • Sam&Brina Paull

    Sam&Brina Paull

    29 天 前

    Harry: *hands enter shot*
    Me: brilliant, talented, showstopping, amazing, never been done before

  • William_eilish


    个月 前

    Why did you hold your hand over your banana we wanted to see it😢💔😂

  • yourstrulystann


    个月 前

    I never thought I wanted to be a table more than ever

  • Oykuthefangirl


    个月 前

    ugh this video gives me so much joy. Like imagine Harry makings jokes and acting extra while filming this

  • casey parkin

    casey parkin

    个月 前

    i love your nails harry

  • Scoops Ahoy

    Scoops Ahoy

    个月 前

    His handssss😍

  • Tara


    个月 前

    Anyone else see at 0:30 how quickly he puts THAT picture back 🤣

  • Emmi Vehkaoja

    Emmi Vehkaoja

    个月 前

    The end is so cute.

  • n k

    n k

    个月 前

    is no one gonna talk about the date? 13 december is they day 1D last performed😭

    • ItsYourAngel


      10 天 前

      n k oh shoot I didn’t know that😭