Coldplay - Orphans (Official Video)

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Taken from the new album, Everyday Life, out Nov 22. Pre-order
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Director: Mat Whitecross
Producer: Hannah Clark
Director of Photography: Byron Werner
Production Designer: Misty Buckley
Editor: Glenn Martin, Kevin Clark & Grace Romstad @ Nomad
Line Producer: Jessica Wylie
Choreographer: Tanisha Scott
Dancers: Cilia Trappaud, Slade Sergeson, Mona Berntsen, Nia Hutchinson, Jamie Donovan, Ryan Spencer, Zach Hudson, Brandon o’Neal, Jake Moyle
Additional Cinematography: Erin Granat & Machete Bang Bang
Video Commissioner: Sam Seager
Band Stylist: Beth Fenton
Chroegrapher’s Assist: Ryan Spencer
1st AD: Seth Farley
PM: Tanner Sawitz
Art Director: Joe Celli, Richard Olivieri
Props Master: Baza Novic
Stunt Coordinator: Daniel Arrias
Background cast: Dan Akoka, Aliyah James, Success Prysock, Amanda Alossi, Maximilian Bader, Kyaw Joe, Jeremy Weaver, Yuliia Sorokina
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© 2019 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company.

  • Grammarly Sucks

    Grammarly Sucks

    10 小时 前

    Coldplay supported Embrace at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool about 18 years ago

  • Joachim Meier

    Joachim Meier

    11 小时 前

    Also,ich weiß ja nicht.....ich kann mir nicht vorstellen,dass dieses Album ein Erfolg wird.Jeder Song klingt irgendwie gleich.Das ist nicht Coldplay,wie man sie kennt.Schade eigentlich....das war es dann wohl mit dem Erfolg.

  • Fabluewho


    12 小时 前

    when was this uploaded?? it doesn't say (at least, not on MY browser...)

  • Shimshon Yisrael

    Shimshon Yisrael

    12 小时 前


  • Norberto Moreira

    Norberto Moreira

    12 小时 前

    Mais um manifesto musical desta banda que marcará a história para sempre.

  • Michele Vaccarini

    Michele Vaccarini

    13 小时 前

    Why can't my headphones get up even louder? 😩

  • Raquel Alves

    Raquel Alves

    13 小时 前

    Mais uma música linda!! Thank you ❤️

  • Kade Onines

    Kade Onines

    14 小时 前

    10% of all the profits of this song will be going to OurHopeland, so go share it!

  • BlueEyesJ


    14 小时 前


  • Margit Weigelt

    Margit Weigelt

    15 小时 前

    Coldplay ;) your Songs always so funny and make me Happy when i'm Said. Your the best Band of the world for me. Thanks 💖💖

  • The Shadow's Project

    The Shadow's Project

    17 小时 前

    The more boring bland i have ever seen ....

  • crimson coin

    crimson coin

    17 小时 前

    For a second I Thought this was U2 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • Faiz Rangga

    Faiz Rangga

    19 小时 前

    We love you Rosaleem as much as viewers of this video

  • jake pre gaming

    jake pre gaming

    19 小时 前

    Who is back watching Coldplay for no reason

  • Melloch


    19 小时 前

    that bass line is infectious oh my lord

  • R


    21 小时 前

    Your songs makes me feel drunk .... Drunken happiness forgetting all the worldly worries

    I wish same for you guys #Coldplay have a great happy peaceful musical life 🌬️ 💚🧡💜💝

  • Letty Araujo

    Letty Araujo

    22 小时 前

    sempre soltando bombas 🤩

  • MOZA H

    MOZA H

    22 小时 前

    غـروب آيـتام

  • zha mil

    zha mil

    天 前

    From Indonesia

  • Julian Torres

    Julian Torres

    天 前


  • angel sunmi

    angel sunmi

    天 前

    i love them so much❤️ literal legends

  • Yeandri Guevara Vega. YGV

    Yeandri Guevara Vega. YGV

    天 前

    Saludos desde Cuba🇨🇺

  • paola garmino marron

    paola garmino marron

    天 前

    I love you so much keep up with the work❤❤❤

  • LinkeRbaan 7R20

    LinkeRbaan 7R20

    天 前

    This actually has a RHCP sound to it for me.

  • Fiieeck Ü Chakalito

    Fiieeck Ü Chakalito

    天 前

    Salu2 Desde México

  • Camila Andrea

    Camila Andrea

    天 前

    Saludos desde Chileee! La.mejor banda del siglo

  • Ryan Elliott

    Ryan Elliott

    天 前

    This song should be number one it’s amazing!!!!

  • Wnr Scorpio

    Wnr Scorpio

    天 前

    Best band in the world

  • Jeffrey Delos Reyes

    Jeffrey Delos Reyes

    天 前

    Coldplay's song touches my heart every single time

  • Railson Reis

    Railson Reis

    天 前

    Cool, i love that song

  • Vadim L

    Vadim L

    天 前

    Take 32 year old Islamic schoolchild, to live with you? And after 10 years, I will kick out the dirty Christians.After 5 years, they will not have any rights. And if it is also white, then after 4 years. Let's make Islamic Europe together!
    Europe, wake up, you are less and less.



    天 前

    To the 1% of people reading this, Have a amazing day full of love and joy and compassion to others. This is the only life you have. Take advantage of it because, there can be surprises popping everywhere. Have a blessed day =)

  • luther d

    luther d

    天 前

    This song reminds me of something George ezra would sing Haha

  • Emily Ridge

    Emily Ridge

    天 前

    Sounds a little like live forever by oasis

  • Jonny Beats

    Jonny Beats

    天 前

    Coldplay. Youre love felt innate creations are the most amazing. We all love you

  • Aman Gupta

    Aman Gupta

    天 前

    0:18 Hosaleen herself learning from coldplay.

  • Matheus Alessandro

    Matheus Alessandro

    天 前

    Essa musica do coldplay sem palavras

  • Matheus Alessandro

    Matheus Alessandro

    天 前

    Ohhhhhh musica fodaaaaaaa viciante

  • Carmen Vergaray

    Carmen Vergaray

    天 前


  • Dictator Rohit

    Dictator Rohit

    天 前

    One more beauty and joyfull song 😍😍😍

  • lucy medva

    lucy medva

    天 前

    Hermosa melodia, recordándonos la barbarie e injusticia contra nuestros hermanos, el odio solo nos lleva a la miseria, y la de los inocentes q nunca imaginaron esto. Adorable Chris y coldplay!

  • henning233 blitzmerker

    henning233 blitzmerker

    天 前

    Reminds me of: rusted roots - send me on my way...somebody else ?

  • El pato que come Pan

    El pato que come Pan

    天 前


  • Alok Ranjan Borah

    Alok Ranjan Borah

    天 前

    Coldplay is love🌷♥️..unique creation

  • Leonardo Souza

    Leonardo Souza

    天 前

    Ansioso pelo álbum 💛

  • Btissam Himmi

    Btissam Himmi

    天 前


  • Astrid Kamst

    Astrid Kamst

    天 前


  • The Wallbision

    The Wallbision

    天 前


  • Beauty by Sara

    Beauty by Sara

    天 前

    18mil haters for what? chill people

  • RC1211


    天 前

    Tune of Here Comes The Bride: I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna knowwwwww, I wanna know!

  • Edward Ramirez

    Edward Ramirez

    天 前

    This band sucks. They should be beaten to death for disrespecting music.

  • Abhinav Bhardwaj

    Abhinav Bhardwaj

    天 前

    Coldplay is back 😍.. They're rocking it like a pro😎.. Like no one else can do the same 🔥

  • Gabriel Radebe

    Gabriel Radebe

    天 前

    Never really understood the hype about Coldplay but this song slaps. I just fell in love with it.

  • ʙʀᴇɴᴅᴀ ᴄᴏʟᴅᴘʟᴀʏ

    ʙʀᴇɴᴅᴀ ᴄᴏʟᴅᴘʟᴀʏ

    天 前

    Love you, obrigado por vcs existirem 🚀🌸❤amo vcs coldplay

  • Cluster in Tears

    Cluster in Tears

    天 前

    Sounds interesting 🤙 sounds 👍nice I think I might be pretty into this lol 😅 😂. I heard the whole song but that part “I can get drunk with my friends??!” surprised me every time I heard it for some odd reason 🤔

  • Ibrahim E

    Ibrahim E

    天 前

    That's cool, start of clip says "sunset" in Arabic writing up top and then "orphans" in Arabic below...that's why I love Coldplay, there so culturally diverse!

  • Crystal Baum

    Crystal Baum

    天 前

    I hope so much that they do another tour! I have not seen them in concert yet and that is my dream!



    天 前

    Just released our remix on Orphans! Would love to hear what you think :D Check it out here:

  • uduji chikordi

    uduji chikordi

    2 天 前

    Coldplay still remains the best, anytime , anywhere .

  • alejandra cardenas moreno

    alejandra cardenas moreno

    2 天 前

    Simplemente los mejores 😍✨