191204︱IDOLS Reaction to SEVENTEEN - HIT︱MAMA 2019 (Monsta X, ATEEZ, TXT, ONEUS, Heize, WayV, ITZY)

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  • Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    46 分钟 前

    Idols deserve mama wen they hav that entertaining thing in their performance,, here all idols r shook by their energy, steps, synchronization,, but other idols get moved by fanchants rather than dance moves while bts is on stage,, here it is different n nice to njyy.. In my heart these people are artists of the year dz yr.. ❤ ❤ ❤ Congratulations 🎊u r d best😍😍😍😍😍

  • Miracle Israel

    Miracle Israel

    2 天 前

    Lol...Kihyun was soooooooooooooooo enthusiastic throughout he performance......

  • Megan Ja

    Megan Ja

    5 天 前

    I don't think a lot of viewers understand how hard this song is to perform, but the idols do because it's their craft. They're really appreciating the level of mastery of dance in this clip!

  • Junglebook BTS

    Junglebook BTS

    5 天 前

    Seventeen should have won Best Dance Performance :(

  • who's brian

    who's brian

    5 天 前

    don’t mind hongjoong he’s just having the time of his life

  • kate


    6 天 前

    3:00 hwanwoong and leedo were bopping to hit ,, ahaha they're so cute

  • 지영


    8 天 前

    아이돌 리액션 보려고 들어왔는데.. 자꾸 상단 세븐틴 무대 영상에 눈이 가.....

  • snsr 02

    snsr 02

    8 天 前

    Bless this vid😍😍😍

  • DharEun Lee

    DharEun Lee

    9 天 前

    That white haired guy Im loving his reactions that one great reaction 🥰

  • DharEun Lee

    DharEun Lee

    9 天 前

    What’s the name of that group with white outfits? They’re reactions are so good they really look like a big fanboys of SVT 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • rap vernonie

      rap vernonie

      8 天 前

      Its ateez

  • みそではない


    10 天 前


  • Carlos Manuel Hernández Cabrera

    Carlos Manuel Hernández Cabrera

    10 天 前

    Jajaja la cara de todos😆

  • army _carat_teumae

    army _carat_teumae

    10 天 前

    ateez are having fun
    they are so cute

  • Kurnia Eka Sabana

    Kurnia Eka Sabana

    11 天 前

    I am very proud that seventeen is also loved by fellow idols ... Seveteen has a song that is very pleasant to hear and basically I love seventeen and I always support seventeen ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️
    13 visual
    13 rapper
    13 vocalis
    13 dancer
    All have extraordinary talents, I love you very much♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Bunny’s K-Life

    Bunny’s K-Life

    11 天 前

    I don’t Stan Seventeen but I’m going to change that very soon

  • Sweet Potato

    Sweet Potato

    11 天 前

    they all really look like they are having a good time im so proud of svt

  • Gisheila Verliana

    Gisheila Verliana

    12 天 前

    they're even remembered the lyrics😭😭

  • Gisheila Verliana

    Gisheila Verliana

    12 天 前

    love it when they enjoy the perform omo

  • serenity rose quartz

    serenity rose quartz

    12 天 前

    Hoshi be like: A-yo MAMA! who's the best performer now huh?

  • M .A

    M .A

    12 天 前

    7:02 LMAO I thought I was the only one who laughed at Mingyu hahaha

  • Sydney Kochan

    Sydney Kochan

    14 天 前

    Oh god minhyuk looks like a five star meal in this



    14 天 前

    all of them where like '0' the whole time, I'm still mad about them not getting the best performance award

  • Ni Made Dewi Septia Ariani

    Ni Made Dewi Septia Ariani

    15 天 前

    I need look bts reaction

  • Ken marvin

    Ken marvin

    15 天 前

    You know seventeen when their on up stage, you can really feel their presence and imoact while performing..

  • Music evolution

    Music evolution

    15 天 前

    I feel like Hit is a title track than fear. HIT hits differently. Its an absolute banger. It has the same feels with aju nice, i mean I'm bob my head throughout these performances. Such a god tier song i swear.

  • Yudha Setiawan

    Yudha Setiawan

    16 天 前

    For fandom other than ARMY, I want to say if you do not accept the award given by MAMA to BTS, not to come next year, if necessary you who feel disappointed make your own award event ... you talk too much and rubbish .. if necessary you do a demo and petition MAMA and don't need to drag the BTS name

    • Smile Flower

      Smile Flower

      11 天 前

      STFU it's not about bts,, it's about mnet being a snake

  • me


    16 天 前

    cameraman be bullying monsta x rapline lmao

  • jeongin iS my son

    jeongin iS my son

    17 天 前

    monsta X never disappoint me , they always hype when give reaction to others

    • tangina mo gago

      tangina mo gago

      13 天 前

      especially to seventeen. their friendship is gold

  • sʜɪɴɴxx


    17 天 前

    Haha ATEEZ Wooyoung giving a jaw dropped the whole time to svt he really amaze



    17 天 前

    Mnet's rewards are no longer valuable to me.😏😏

  • Mindy Minho

    Mindy Minho

    18 天 前

    Seventeen’s high tension on stage is the best. FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE



    18 天 前

    Seventeen stage is another level 😵👏🏻👏🏻

  • Lil_Nas Sub

    Lil_Nas Sub

    18 天 前

    Este dia SVT hizo el escenario suyo, parece un concierto de ellos!! ❤

  • Iblame Doriane

    Iblame Doriane

    19 天 前

    Lmao Ateez enjoy this so much

  • 고먐미


    19 天 前

    존너 자랑스럽다 히트 낸거 최고 잘 한일이야 무대를 뒤집어놨어 경

  • taeterthot


    19 天 前

    jongho: 😐
    hoshi: SAA🗣
    jongho: 😃
    he was so focused before, that made me laugh😂😂😂

  • Anto ig: Sunflowers._.x

    Anto ig: Sunflowers._.x

    19 天 前

    Acá tienen talento viendo talento

  • 최정윤


    19 天 前

    역시 세븐틴

  • Niswatul Fitry

    Niswatul Fitry

    21 天 前

    The real winner best dancer 🤗. Its okey can't bring thropy. But everyone know seventeen is the best dancer 🤗

  • MarkLees Chingu

    MarkLees Chingu

    21 天 前

    Lucas' hug with jackson gave me all the right vibes

  • So Han Han

    So Han Han

    21 天 前

    Tell me that you agree that they should've been the winner of that dance performance award thingy or else you'll get bash by millions of fans.
    *(Lol. I also love GOT7. But heuheu, look at these precious guys.)*

  • 이차안


    22 天 前

    홍중이가 제일 신났어 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • nadya saputri

    nadya saputri

    22 天 前

    me realy realy realy proud carat

  • JACQ_B.A.P


    22 天 前

    my bias HwanWoong Oneus react to my ultimate The8 dance part 'swa'.. I'm blessed. *^O^*

  • Haura Salsabila

    Haura Salsabila

    23 天 前

    wayv well mannered artist :")

  • Lynx


    23 天 前

    Monsta X and Ateez reactions were full of joy and excitement. Seventeen always gives the best performances no matter where they're at. True entertainers.

    P.S. can't help but think when wooyoung goes "baksu baksu! Baksu seventeen sunbaenim!!" 😂😂😂

  • nrllee


    23 天 前

    7:49 Lucas in shook sjsjs

  • りこんぺいとう


    23 天 前


  • Jane Sifata

    Jane Sifata

    23 天 前

    Everyone knows who is the best performance in mama 2019

  • M I N 4 6

    M I N 4 6

    23 天 前


  • Khaing Khaing

    Khaing Khaing

    24 天 前

    I hope that carats can make them to win Best Dance Performance award bcz they deserve it.

    • Smile Flower

      Smile Flower

      19 天 前

      It's not up to us, we came 2nd on mama voting, but the judges choose eventually

  • Shella Yudding

    Shella Yudding

    24 天 前

    I'm crying😭

  • Poodie


    25 天 前


  • Minhoe with stray kIdS

    Minhoe with stray kIdS

    25 天 前

    Lol Lucas (WayV) is shooketh

  • Skarleth Silvana Ahumada

    Skarleth Silvana Ahumada

    25 天 前

    I need the reaction to Fear :(

  • Angelie Rapas

    Angelie Rapas

    25 天 前

    Other than watching SEVENTEEN's performances I always look forward to watching other idols' reaction to them 👏👏 (some the idols' jaws were dropped on the floor! Now make me think otherwise that that's not worthy of that BEST DANCE PERFORMANCE Award 🤷‍♂️)
    Also, the way they snapped— oof— 👌👌👌

  • Mahreen riz

    Mahreen riz

    26 天 前

    I wish got7 see seventeen performance from start

  • Simrah Ali

    Simrah Ali

    26 天 前

    That's Seventeen for you. They make everyone and anyone dance to their songs! #proudcarrot🥕♥️♥️♥️✌️

  • seseleeuh


    26 天 前

    okay but minhyuk looks so hot with his hair like that

  • Wardina Fathullah

    Wardina Fathullah

    26 天 前

    Who is that guy in 4:46 with black hair?

    • Sucia Majid

      Sucia Majid

      24 天 前

      Jongho. He is the youngest from ateez